My record shop had been on the edge of bankruptcy for years but I loved the store and I’d always found a way to make it work.

This time looked like it would be different though, oh I had my regular customers but they tended to just hand around and chat more than actually buy anything. I’d gone online last year and that had helped a bit but between the competition, scammers and cost of shipping it didn’t pay the bills.

The only real highlight of my week was when Cindy, Beth and Jill came in every Saturday morning. The three best friends had bonded listing to old records in their parents basement and had found my shop a few years ago on a shopping day.

Since then each week they came in and we listened to whatever new record I had.

I’d almost felt bad when I had started adding the subliminal messages to our listening session a few months ago, but it was the only way I could come up with to save the store.

They still get to listen to the new records I have each Saturday, but now they do so in the storage room taking care of some of my new customers.