Sheena had been undercover at the club for over a month, she’d been sent in to investigate the disappearance of several of the women who worked there as waitresses.

At first she’d found the strange retro-80’s new wave uniform out of place in a modern dance club, but she’d warn the white blouse with big shoulders and funky sunglasses as part of her assignment.

She knew she could put up with it, all she really needed was to keep her pistol with her and she’d be fine.

At first she had found the sun glasses to be hard to see through when she needed to write down an order or use the computer but soon enough she didn’t even notice them.

She hadn’t give it a second though when she asked for a retro haircut at her saloon appointment during the second week of her assignment or the change to her makeup routine.

In fact she hadn’t even noticed her lack of panties or a bra during the third week of the assignment.

The fourth week, when she was assigned to the private VIP area, she didn’t give the new uniform a second though.

She was slouched down against the wall at the back of the one of the private rooms that was unoccupied at the moment, she reached in to her black patent leather clutch and pulled out the pistal. Everything was alright, it was still there and she held it for a moment.

When the manager walked in, she didn’t react at all. Not until he walked over and took the gun from her.

Panic raced across her face for just a moment until she felt something being placed in her hand. She turned to look at her pistol but instead found her hand wrapped around his cock.

A sense of well being washed over her and she giggled before she parted her lips and took the head of his dick in to her mouth.

How silly she had been to think some cold piece of metal could ever been as good as a nice warm dick in hand, or mouth or even better yet, her pussy!