Karen had hated Mike’s obsession with comic books and cosplay. Between the comics and all the time he spent programming on the computer she’d decided to leave him several months ago. All she had been waiting for was someone better to come along.

Shortly after she had decided to leave him, he’d asked her to try out a new app he’d been developing. A game of some kind, and she wondered if it might be worth seeing if he had something or not before she dumped him. The game was simple enough and she played it for a while and decided it was ok, but it wasn’t going to make him rich or anything.

A few days later she saw an update for it and gave it another try. It was a lot better now and she played it for a couple of hours before she lost interest. Every couple of days a new update came out and she found herself playing it more and more.

She was still playing it even now as she got ready to go to the convention. She posed in front of the mirror, sure that Mike would like the costume, she’d spent all her free time in the last month reading his comic book collection.