Cassandra couldn’t believe Kevin had slipped the pill in to her water bottle at the beach, as soon as the heat had spread through her body she’d rushed in to the water to cool down.

Once the changes had subsided she headed back to her boyfriend, furious at what he’d done. That was until she made it about half way back and suddenly a different kind of head moved through her body.

Her white shirt had plastered itself the her body and she’d covered up as she left the water, but now her arms hung loosely at her sides. She took another step forward and her mind wandered to the night before as they’d been making love.

“God,” she thought, “Kevin’s got a great cock… No, it’s just the pill talking!”

She took another couple of steps and the heat continued to rise, she cupped her pussy and moaned as she reach Kevin laying on sand, his beach towel draped over his midsection.

She dropped to her knees, “Kevin… what…”, she never finished her though as she noticed the tent in the middle of the towel. She crawled between his legs and put her head under the towel and took his dick in her mouth.

“God… Kevin’s dick is the best! *giggle*”