Kimberly checked her phone again as she ideally played with her hair.

“God, like I really hate it when they’re late!” she thought.

Here she was, all dressed up and ready for the photo shoot and the photographer was no where to be found. But what really got her goat was that after all this time of saying no to him, that when she finally agreed, he was late.

He wasn’t normally the kind of photographer she posed for, she focused mostly on up scale catalogs, but he’d been persistent. At first she’d simply flat out refused but as each new email had arrived with the attached images of his latest shoot, she’d slowly come around.

Now after weeks of back and fourth through email getting all the details right she was standing in the middle of his studio alone.

As soon as she heard the door click, she turned around, furious at having been kept waiting. Right up until she saw his face.

“Oh my god, master! Where have you been? Kimmy is so bored!”

“Sorry Kimmy, was that nasty Kimberly not letting you have any fun?”

“Uh-hun, she’s sooooo boring!”

“Don’t worry Kimmy, she won’t be coming back any more once I finish fucking her out of you!”

Kimmy jumped up and down and squealed, “Like get over her and fuck me right now so she never comes back again!”