Suki stared at her reflection in the mirror, she’d taken the pill just minutes before and the first thing she’d noticed was her jet black hair changing color.

Then her face shifted slightly, becoming rounder.  By the time she reached up to touch her now white hair she could hardly recognize herself.  Her acne was gone, her lips were fuller yet her mouth was smaller.

Then she noticed her breasts, gone were the small a cups she’d had all her life, replaced with firm c cups at least. 

Suddenly her whole body tensed and she grabbed the counter with both hands as her nipples hardened and an orgasm rocked her.  She flung her head back and cried out in pleasure.

As it subsided her pussy called out to her, it was empty and in need.

She panicked and pushed two fingers inside herself, but it wasn’t enough.  Looking around the bathroom counter she spotted a slender can of mouse.  With her free hand she grabbed it and brought it to her pussy lips, a shiver ran up her spine as it touched them. 

As she pushed it deep inside, her second orgasm took her to the ground, the tile floor cool to her bare ass.