Rita glared at him behind the camera.  It wasn’t the first photo shoot he’d done, hell it wasn’t even the hundredth, but she still hated him.

She didn’t know how he had done it, when it happened they had been going out for a few months.  She’d enjoyed the fancy restaurants and gifts but he wasn’t long term material and had planned on letting him go after the spa weekend he had bought for her.

When he’d called the next week and suggested dinner she’d had meant to say no, but found herself saying yes instead.

She was very confused about it as she was sure she wanted to say no and even tried to call him several times to cancel.  Instead she had gotten ready and gone to dinner.

When he dropped her off and asked if she was going to invite him in, she was definitely saying no, right up to the very moment she said yes and allowed him in.

Soon enough they were on the couch making out, getting naked and then having sex.  Each time she had wanted to say no, the only word that came out was yes.

After that night she had tried to avoid him, but when the phone rang she always answered it.  When he texted, she replied, when he wanted to drop by she was always available and when he wanted to have sex she was already ready to go.

When he suggested she should go to the gym more often, she increased her weekly visit to three times a week.  Then five and finally every day.

When he suggested she should go blonde, she lightened her brown hair, then went blond and then platinum.

When he suggested she spend more time on her hair and makeup, she added 10, then 20, then 40, then a whole hour extra to her daily routine.

When he suggested she see a plastic surgeon about her small breast she had almost managed to say no.  How dare he call her c cups small, sure they weren’t huge, but small?  Well maybe she guessed.  Now three surgeries later they were almost as big as her head, the next set of implants would fix that for sure.

When he suggested she should let him take some photos, share some photos, sell some photos she just said yes like always.

When he suggested she sign the contract that gave him complete control over her new “career”, including power of attorney, she did so without a second thought.

And so here she was, kneeling down, showing off her huge tits for the whole world to see.  She hated him and it showed on her face, at least she hoped it did. 

Deep down inside she knew the only expression on her face was desire, because as much as she hated him, she need his cock inside of her even more.