Nora looked in the mirror, what was wrong with her?  She wasn’t a bimbo, she had black hair, it was short and always in a pony tail!

She wrapped her arms under her breasts to hold herself and watched the blonde in the mirror do the same thing.

She was about to start crying when she felt a tingle run up her spine and tickle her brain.

The blonde in the mirror smiled and giggled.  She turned and walked back in to the bedroom where Dave was laying on the bed.  He was fiddling with some kind of remote.

“Like, Bunny is confused Davey.  Who’s Nora?”

“What?  Oh, you must have wandered out of range for a moment.  Don’t worry Bunny, just get over here and wrap those big tits around my dick.

“Oh, goodie!  I love to titty fuck! *giggle*”

“Ah, there it is, I have to hit record to make the changes permanent!”