Sheena checked the nanosuit again, it was functioning properly but for some reason as she swiped along the release seam for the third time it still wasn’t opening.

Back in the house, the control was flashing, vainly attempting to alert it’s operator to the error.

She stood back up and turned towards the house, but before she took two steps she stopped in her tracks as the nanosuit took control.  It quickly closed the gaps between her legs and torso.  Then zipped all the way up to her neck before fully encasing her head.

Moments later the first orgasm ripped through her as the nanosuit started to reshape her mind.

When it was done, she walked in to the house, retrieved the control.  Walking back out to the yard, she crossed in the the neighbours lot and stood before the back door to their house.  She held her hands up in front of her with the control unit in them.

When the door opened, she said “Sheenabot is ready for your orders master.”

Peter took the control unit from her hands, looked at the display still flashing the “Connection to nanosuit lost!” error message and shut it off. 

He pulled an identical looking control unit from his shirt pocket and pressed a button.

Sheenabot dropped to it’s knees and followed the command.