Caroline was walking through the park, even with the overcast sky she had put on her protective gloves and used her umbrella.  She was so sensitive to the sunlight there were few days she managed to get out at all and she took advantage of each and every one of them.

She strolled slowly along the path taking her time and enjoying the almost daylight conditions.  Just ahead to her left was a park bench, seated at it was a woman but Caroline could hardly believe her eyes, she adjusted her glasses to make sure she wasn’t seeing things.

The blonde at the bench noticed her staring and smiled back at her.  Not knowing how to react she averted her eyes and started walking again.  As she approached the bench the blond woman stood up.  Caroline couldn’t help but take a sidelong glance at her.  The blonde was just a bit shorter than her, but her large breasts, tiny waist and revealing clothes ensured that if the stood side by side no one would be looking at Caroline.

“Like, hi… I’m Barbie!” 

Caroline had no choice now but to make eye contact with Barbie.

“Uh… hi…”

“*giggle* You’re Caroline… from 3B right?”

“Yes… do I know you?”

“Nah… but I’m totally David’s girlfriend in 4C!”

Caroline knew David well, he was a nice guy and had even asked her out a year or so ago when he moved in to the building.  She’d turned him down, not because she didn’t like him, but she hated being a burden on people.

“Well I should be going Barbie… you know my condition and all…”

“God ya… David told me all about that, it’s like a total bummer!  David said I should help you with that!”

“I’m sorry Barbie, but no one…” before she could finish her sentence Barbie reached out and placed her hand flat on Caroline’s cheek.

“Hey!”  Caroline started to pull away but Barbie kept her hand against her face and then suddenly she stopped pulling away and started to push against it instead.  Barbie’s hand was warm and soft and Caroline felt a sudden calmness spreading throughout her body, emanating from the touch.

Caroline let out a soft moan and let go of her umbrella as her hands fell limply to her sides.  Barbie placed her other hand on Caroline’s other cheek and the moan became a gasp as she had a small orgasm.

Barbie pulled Caroline’s face towards her and when their lips touched in a soft kiss Caroline came again.

Caroline eye’s fluttered open after the second orgasm and saw Barbie standing a few paces back from her, she was confused but the warmth throughout her body was still there.  It seemed to be focused on her chest and she looked down at her black sweater as she watched her breasts start to expand.

“Wha… what… whats happening?”

She looked back up at Barbie but she was out of focus.  Caroline reached up and removed her glasses and Barbie was back in focus for a moment before her hair obscured her vision.  She brushed it back and felt her normally short hair was cascading down her shoulders towards her ass.

“*giggle* Like I’m helping!”

“Uh… really?  I… like… don’t know…” Caroline was having a hard time thinking, the warmth had subsided throughout her body, except her head and her privates.

Caroline looked down towards her abdomen but found her view blocked by her now massive tits that strained against the fabric of her sweater.  She cocked her head to one side, not sure what to do for a moment but then removed her gloves and raised her hands up to them to try and move them out of her way.  As soon as she touched them and jolt of pleasure leaped from them, first to her pussy and then her brain.


The orgasm took her by surprise but Barbie stepped in to steady her.

“Like, I know, aren’t they the best?”

“*giggle* Totally…”

“But totally even better is when you have a nice hard cock between them!”

Caroline’s body shivered at the thought, Barbie was right, a nice hard cock between her tits would be sooooo much better.

“And gawd, you so lucky, cuz I know a guy that totally has the hots for you!”

“Really Barbie?  I’d be totally in your debt… I’d do anything to make it up to you!” Caroline said as she bit half of her lower lip.

“Well, I’m sure David wouldn’t mind if we made it a threesome…”

Caroline giggle and hugged her new best friend as she lead her back to the apartment building, her gloves and umbrella long forgotten as the sun broke through the clouds and warmed her skin.