Julia stretched out in the nanosuit, she’d never seen a blue one before but it was on sale and that’s all that really mattered.  It had come with two controllers as well and she’d tossed the spare one back in the box before heading to the bedroom to get things started.

First was to drop off a few years.  Then a few pounds.  Finally she’d decided she was going to take up dancing again so figured it would be a good idea to increase her flexibility as well.

The program had been running for hours but she was amazed at how well it had worked.  She strutted around the bedroom for a bit and stretched in to various poses before getting to the wall and reaching up as high as she could.  She pulled herself downwards trying to keep her legs straight as she did so.

When she was half way through she heard a voice call out from behind her.


Julia heard Gary say and suddenly she couldn’t move, stuck in position.

She heard Gary walk over and stand behind her, he placed a hand on her protruding ass and squeezed it before lifting his hand up and giving it a firm smack.

“You probably should have read the instructions more Julia, this is a two person nanosuit.  One controller is the master and the other is the slave.  It’s designed to let the slave make changes but the master controller can deny them.  You used the slave controller so I’ve got the master one right here.”  He said as he bounced it on her ass a couple of times.

“As you can see I’ve made a few changes and now it’s time to try them out.  Spread your legs.”

Her legs moved apart, she couldn’t stop them and then she felt the nanosuit split apart and expose her pussy.  She felt the head of his penis rub up against her lips and took in a gasp of air as pleasure rippled through her body. 

Before he had time to push in to her she felt her pussy moisten as her body readied itself.  When he entered her her mind was assaulted with pleasure.  Sex was never this good she thought.

As the assault on her senses continued she realized sex was never this good because she wasn’t having sex.  No having sex was when she initiated it, when she participated in it, when she was in control.

She wasn’t having sex, she was being used. 

The though caused an orgasm as he continued to use her.

When he finished using her, Julia was no more.  Gary’s new sex toy cleaned itself in preparation for the next time it’s owner would use it.