Kendra was unhappy, she’d been doing so well as a fashion photographer until the bitchy model had accused her of making a pass at her!

After that, she’d been blacklisted.  Unable to get a decent assignment or book any A level talent, she’d fallen back on simple family portraits and commercial head shots for real estate agents and bankers.

Today was the worst, John Sloan was a car salesman and wanted her to do the impossible.  He was in his late fifties and wanted to look like a shot he had brought in from 30 years ago.

She sighed and setup a stool for him to sit on and had him cross his hands in front of himself.  She looked through the camera and took a photo.  *click*

Something caught her eye as she setup for the second shot, a ring on his finger.  *click*

She zoomed in on it with the camera.  *click*

She lowered herself down to get a head on shot of it.  *click*

He moved his hand and she followed along.  *click*

The ring was on the ground, she tried to get all the way down but found her dress was hindering the shot.  *click*

Kendra was flat on her stomach, focusing the camera.  *click*

She tried to get closer, pushing herself up on to her knees.  *click*

She felt a finger hook her panties and pull them down.  *click*

As his cock entered her she felt something in her mind go *click*