Linda stood waiting for the board members to arrive, it was the first time she’d ever been here first, or for that matter, not a member of the board.

Three months ago she’d been the CEO for the company, her parents had left her controlling shares after the accident and she’d always made the board wait for her to arrive.

Then her new executive assistant, Ethan, had started.  She still couldn’t remember hiring him and Stacy had been such a good EA.  She never questioned her and was in constant fear for her job so Linda new she’d never dare turn down any request she had.

Ethan started to re-arrange her schedule and make strange appointments without asking her.  She tried to get things back on track but every time she confronted him, somehow she found herself thanking him for his hard work.

By the end of his first month her schedule had changed drastically, filled with shopping trips, exercise classes and day long trips to the salon.

In the second month, the renovations to her office started, she didn’t remember authorizing them but Ethan showed her her signature on the forms and so she didn’t question it again.

Of course she couldn’t work in her office with all the noise so Ethan had suggested they switch.  At first it seemed strange, sitting at the small reception desk in front on her office but soon enough she felt right at home.  When the renovations ended two weeks later the thought of moving back in to her office didn’t even occur to her.

Ethan was a busy man and she had to help out in any way she could.  Getting his coffee, organizing his schedule and answer the phone just seemed like the best way to take some load off of him.

By the start of the third month, when Ethan had suggested she should dress more appropriately for her job, she was confused.  Until Ethan explained it all to her, how she had to present the right look as she was sitting out front and was the first thing people saw when they came in to the office.

Ethan had been very helpful over the next few days, making recommendations on her attire when she arrived at the office and Linda quickly learned what he liked. 

Now as she waited for Ethan and the board to arrive, she wondered what else Ethan might like her too do and an epiphany came to her.  All she had to do was ask Ethan and he’d tell her exactly what to do, all she’d have to do was obey.