The Hands That Lead

A hands on kind of leader…


Saturday January 10, 2015

KC had been modeling at the import show for the small custom shop since high school.  She was friends with the owners and while they couldn’t pay her much, she didn’t mind the work and liked meeting all the new people.  When she’d graduated they’d hired her on in the front office and she was happy to have a job she liked and had friends at.

Six months ago, the small company had been bought out a huge company from Japan.  KC was worried of course as her job was likely to be cut and moved to the head office.  The new owners came in personally and interviewed everyone, they assured her there was no reason to fear, they wanted to keep everyone on board.  They gave her an link that would provider her with all the information she needed about the takeover.

She went straight back to her desk and started reading the site and several hours later, at the end of the day, she was much happier knowing the company had her best interests at heart.

Each day she visited the site, learning new things about the company.  Like the company owned gym and spa, or the great medical plan, and of course the clothing and jewelry line they produced.

The company instituted a new employee review process as well, giving each person their own goal and commitment.  She was so happy when her’s was focused on her appearances at the car shows and how she needed to represent the company as best she could.

The next show coming up was a small local one, she worked hard at the gym and purchased some company attire for it.  She was a hit, but there was something missing.  She looked at all the photo’s from the show afterwards and realized what was wrong.  All the other girls at the show had large breasts, her own b cups just didn’t compare.

A trip to the company medical clinic and she found the perfect solution, a month later she was out of surgery and well on the way to recovery.

The next show proved she was right, she drew in crowds and she even had been asked to sign autographed pictures for a few people.  The attention made her so happy, but it also seemed to make her horny.

That night, in bed, she masturbated for the first time in almost a year and she climaxed to the though of all them men at the show looking at her.

After that, each night was filled with thoughts of showing off her body as she masturbated, each time it became more erotic as the men in her fantasy went from watching to touching to penetrating to using her.

Now at big show KC was sitting on the tire stand as a throng of people were taking photo’s.  She smiled and posed but deep down her need grew with each flash of the cameras.

“Hi KC, I want you to meet Justin."  KC turned her head to see Kenji speak to her.  He was one of the representatives from head office that had come over for the show.

"Oh, hi Justin!”

“Justin is one of our biggest clients, he uses our production all the time.”

KC’s mind was lost in a fog of heat, she was wearing all of the companies product and he used their product.  No,  something was wrong with that, something finally click and KC understood.  She was the product and Justin would use her!

KC stood up, took Justin’s arm and smiled.  “So Justin, would you like a private showing of our latest product?”



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