Grace cursed as she watched her glasses fall to the hard floor of the shopping mall.  They broke apart as the hit and she sighed, those were expensive designer frames she’d saved up for she’d only had them for a couple of weeks.

She picked up the pieces and headed back through the mall.  At least she wouldn’t have to make a separate trip to get the replaced, but she would have to settle for whatever she could afford this time.

She walked up to the counter and laid the pieces in front of the man behind it.

“Hi I’m Ken.  Oh, looks like you’ve had a bit of an accident with those.”

Grace hadn’t seen Ken in the store before and she’d spent the last several months coming in to look at the frames she was saving for.  He seemed nice enough, a bit older than her but much younger than the last gentleman who had helped her.

“Yes, just a few minutes ago in the mall in fact.  I guess I need a new pair, but I think I’ll go with something… different this time.” 

“You do know about the warranty with these right?”


“Yes, full replacement from any damage, accidental or otherwise.”

“That’s great!”  She was going to get her designer glasses back after all!

“Yes, we’re out of stock at the moment, it might take a couple of weeks to get them back in stock, but I can loan you a basic set of frames to tide you over.”

“Thanks Ken that would be great.”

“Leave them with me for an hour and I’ll have them ready for you.”

A hour later Grace walked out of the mall, the frame’s Ken had provided her were just a basic thick black, but they did the job.  He’d suggest she drop by next weekend if she was in the mall to see if her replacement frames had arrived, otherwise just to give him a call.

For the first while she constantly figitted with the new frames but by the time dinner came around she didn’t even notice them any more.  By the time she went to bed, she hesitated to take them off but eventually set them on her night stand.

The next several days seemed to go by quickly, the glasses glued to her head all day and by the third night she didn’t take them off when her head hit the pillow.  That was the first night of the strange dreams.

She could only remember bits and pieces of them but they were erotic and she was always dressed up in latex and a corset.  They only other thing she could remember about them was the fantastic orgasm she had at the end of each one.

When Saturday came around she decided to go shopping at the mall again.  Strolling around she didn’t even think about her glasses until she walked by the shop.  She entered and Ken was there again.

“Hello Grace, how are the frames holding up?”

“Oh, just fine, I kind of like them.”

“That’s good, I’m afraid we don’t have your replacements in yet.”

“Oh that’s ok Ken, thanks anyway.”

For some reason Grace didn’t want to leave quite yet and instead continued chatting with Ken.  It was a few minutes later she realized she was actually flirting with him.

“Oh, I’m sorry Ken, I should let you get back to work!”

“No problem, Grace, drop by any time.”

Grace left the store and continued shopping for a while but nothing seemed to hold her attention until she walked by a small store at the end of one of the branches of the mall.  It had a single display in the window,  a set of mannequin legs covered in shiny black latex.  The sign above read “Legs and Latex”.

She hesitated a moment before entering but was taken back by the displays in the store when she finally did.

Arriving home, Grace dropped several of the bags she had purchased on the couch, taking  single one and almost running to the bedroom.  Soon she was naked, pulling the latex stockings up her legs.  Applying the oil to each one was a sensual experience and as she finished each leg she moaned as her hand found her clit.  She looked down at her latex covered legs through her oil streaked glasses and orgasmed.

Two weeks later, Grace rushed to get ready.  It had taken quite a while to get in to the latex stockings, skirt, gloves and corset but she knew it would be worth it.

When Ken had called and said her frames were in and he could drop them off she knew just what to do.

She heard the doorbell right and she walked out of the bedroom, turning she suddenly realized her glasses were on the nightstand.  She reached out to pick them up, she was certainly going to show Ken how much she appreciated all she’d done for her tonight!