Kendra had accepted the free sample at the mall while she was shopping.  It wasn’t her colour, black lipstick didn’t seem right to her, but free was free after all.

She’d put it in her purse and when she arrived home put it on the bathroom counter.  When she’d gotten ready for bed she’d noticed it again and wondered if what the salesperson had said was try, “The best lipstick in the world, it will make your lips feel like they’re being kissed all the time!”

She uncorked it and started to apply it.  The black offset her pale skin and soon enough her lips were fully covered.  She pursed her lips a few times and had to agree they did feel great.  She continued to look at herself in the mirror as the lipstick continued to feel even better.

She smiled though she’d definitely have to go back and get some more in a better shade.  Without thinking she walked to her bed and went to sleep without removing it.

The next morning she woke up, her pillow smeared with the black lipstick and she found part of the pillow case between her lips.  A quick shower and she was ready for work, but she lingered, staring at the lipstick.

It had felt so good last night, but black didn’t go with anything she owned.  She managed to leave it behind and regretted it the rest of the day.

When she arrived home after work, she went straight to the bathroom, removed her lipstick and applied the new one.  The feeling returned and she spent the rest of the night caressing and stroking her own lips until she fell asleep.

Kendra walked through the mall once more, her black lips seeming at odds with the rest of the light colors she wore, but she didn’t care.  The salesperson at the counter where she had received the free sample wasn’t the same and they didn’t know anything about the product.  All they had was a business card from the company.

She took it and left, half panicked she call the number from her car.  A man answer and told her it was only available as a direct to home offer, if she wanted more they could schedule an appointment for a salesperson to drop by.

The appointment was three days away, she wasn’t sure she had enough to last that long.

Kendra was shaking when she opened the door, her pale pink lips had small streaks of black across them but not enough to cover even one.

The man on the other side smiled broadly, “Oh my, I’m a little late I see, or is that just on time?”

“Please, please I need some more of that lipstick!”

He pulled a tube out of his pocket, “Oh, you mean this lipstick?”


“Well, this is only for my special girls, are you one of my special girls?”

Kendra paused for a moment, something itched at the back of her mind, but her eyes were transfixed on the lipstick.

“Yes, please, I’ll do anything, I’ll be your special girl!”

He chuckled a bit and handed Kendra the lipstick, she ran in to the bathroom and allied it.

The euphoria came in waves each time she stroked it across her lips.

As she left the bathroom she turned one last time to look in the mirror, her black lips no longer seemed out of place but she realized she was lost.  She would do anything for the lipstick and she was sure the man in the other room would take full advantage of that.