Shannan stood by the pool sun tanning, her arms above her head holding her hair and her large boobs soaking up the sun.

Her friend had invited her over for a relaxing afternoon by the pool and she had hesitated, she didn’t like her friends neighbor Gary but it was a hot day and she could always make sure to cover up if he stuck his head over the fence.

She had been just about to jump in the pool when a sudden urge to remove her bikini top had struck her.  She hesitated a moment but then noticed her friend had already removed her’s and so decided to do the same.  It wasn’t like her small b-cup need the support and the sun felt good as soon as it hit them.

She then walked around the other side of the pool, thinking she might get more sun there and while there seemed to be shade on this side, the warmth in her breasts had intensified.

And so here she was tanning topless by the pool and then her mind went blank.

“Take off your bottoms too Shannon, let’s see if I need to make any changes back there.”  Gary said pointing the device directly at Shannon and then releasing the button. 

Shannon blinked and then removed the rest of her bikini, there wasn’t any point in not having tan lines up top if she had them down below she guessed.