The desert was hot and dry, of course, but it also felt electric today to Miranda.  She’d been on the dig for 4 months as part of her doctorate studies and had come up with nothing so far but a few fragments of broken jars.

Of course she wasn’t expecting anything else really, the site had been used for decades to train new archeologists and minded for all of it major artifacts long ago.

All day long she couldn’t help feel the sense that something major was going to happen and it only increased as the day ended.  She returned to her tend feeling more awake than when she had woken up that morning.

Tossing and turning in the heat of the night, she finally gave up and dressed once more, intending to go for a stroll to wear off some energy.  Walking down to the dig site she could see much of the landscape under the full moon and so she walked all the way to the end of the dig where the king’s burial chamber resided.

When she arrived, a she could see a faint light inside the tomb.  Curious she entered, taking care on the broken stones of the floor.  As she proceeded deeper in she could start to make out voices but could not tell what they were saying. 

She crossed the threshold of the anti-chamber and a sudden flash of light blinded her momentarily.  She blinked several times as a slight gust of wind touched her bare skin of her breasts.

The realization caught her by surprise, a moment ago she’d been fully clothed, but now as her vision returned she looked down she was greeted by a jade necklace and her bare breasts.  Her baggy shorts had been replaced by a skin tight loin cloth of some kind and her runners were no where to be found.

That’s when she realized the room was fully lite and no longer looked like a ruin at all.  She turned around to leave but a heavy wooden door blocked her path, she tried to open it but it was secured from the other side.

“Did you really believe you could escape us Makara?”

Miranda turned around, a large man, fully decked out in Egyptian regalia of a high priest stood before her.

“What, who are you?”

“You made it difficult Makara, but my magic has spanned time and space to find you and return you to your rightful place.”

Miranda had heard enough, she fell back on her self defense training and through a right jab directly at his jaw.  He stepped to the side calmly and she darted through the opening, deeper in to the chamber.

She entered the burial chamber and was amazed, it glittered in gold and bright colour adorned the sculptures and walls.  She was stunned by the beauty of it all.

When she felt the staff of the priest gently touch the back of her head she snapped out of it and spun once more to take another swing at him.  She was about to ball her fist up when all the air left her lungs, she fell to her knees and gasped as she hugged herself. 

It wasn’t pain, it was something else.  Like she had been floating on a gentle stream when all of a sudden a dam up river had broken and came crashing down on her.

Memories returned to her, her pharaoh was dead!

She had been his concubine for three years and had not provided him any offspring and as such her fate was sealed.  She would join him in his tomb and then afterlife to serve him for eternity.

She remembered her escape, fleeing the palace and running out in to the night.  She would not accept this fate, she would escape again!

She looked up, finding the priests groin near her and prepared to punch him. 

But she was too late, in the priests hands was a serpent crown and he was just placing it on her head.  When it made contact with her forehead all thoughts left her.

“Rise Makara.”

Makara rose to her feet silently and waited.

“Now take your place beside your pharaoh.” the priest said, motioning to the left of the pharaoh’s tomb to a small nook in the wall where a single chair sat.

Makara walked over and leaned against the wall, the chair was off limits of course, when her pharaoh rose from the dead he would take his seat and expect his favorite concubine to be ready to please him with her mouth and she would not disappoint him.