The bright light engulfed Jordan’s car as it stopped dead in it’s tracks on the deserted back road.  She looked up to see what was happening when the loud sound boomed out from above and she grabbed her ears to try and block out the sound.

It was no use though and a few seconds later she lost consciousness. 

She drifted in and out of consciousness several times, once she seemed like she was floating, another she was in a room of white and another time she seemed to be going down a long hallway.

When she came fully too she was in a dark room, naked on a table.  There were no restraints holder her down but she could move no matter how much she struggled.  Beside the table were too large beings, alien to be sure but they looked much like humans.  They were slightly taller and their faces seemed off somehow that Jordan couldn’t quite put her finger on.  They’re skin almost looked caucasian, but it was a shade she had never seen before.

They were arguing about something, but she did not understand the language.  As they argued they passed a tablet between them, fiddling with the display as they did.

Finally they seemed to have agreed on something and set the tablet down.  As they did Jordan felt her body start to heat up and soon enough the blackness took her once more.

The Envoy rose from the table and walked to the wall where her uniform hung.  She put on the sleek black jump suit, belt and boots.  Last was the collar that identified her as the property of the Otran Empire.

She walked out of the room and towards the Captain’s quarters, winding her way through the ship as if she had spent her entire existence on it. 

The doors opened automatically and she entered to find him seated at a desk.  She walked up in front of it and presented herself.

“Report Envoy.”

“All systems are nominal sir.”

“What is your primary directive?”

“Obey the Otran empire and it’s officers, sir.”

“And what is your purpose?”

“I am the Otran Envoy to Earth, I shall prepare it’s people for enslavement by the Otran Empire, sir.”

“Very good, now pleasure me with your mouth before I send you back to Earth to start your task.”

The Envoy lowered herself to her knees and crawled under the desk, feeling a wave of pleasure run up her spine as she obeyed the Otran Empire officer.