Cindy hadn’t had a vacation for three years and now she was sunning by the pool at a tropical resort for an entire week!  She relaxed as the warmth of the sun beat down on her.

A short while later a shadow came over her and rested on her.  She opened her eyes and found one of the female staff members standing over her with a clipboard.

“Hi!  I’m Susan and I was wondering if you would like a free pass to the spa?”

Cindy perked up, a free spa day?  How could she refuse?

“Sure, sounds great!”

Cindy was laying face down on the massage table as the attendant worked his magic hands on her legs.  They had given her a pair of headphones so she could listen to a personalized music selection.

When the attendant stopped the massage she didn’t even notice.  Several hours later when the music stopped, Cindy felt completely relaxed and returned to her room and had the most relaxing sleep of her life.

When the phone rang the next morning she climbed out of bed, stretched out and picked it up.

“This is your 5 minute reminder, your 9am appointment will be arriving shortly.”

Just as she started to hang up the phone a knock came at her door, she looked over, she always liked a client that was early!