‘Damit, why had Jason bought this stupid game?!’ though Laura.  She’d always hated pinball games and she thought she’d be clear when Jason had suggested it that she didn’t want it in the house.

But here it was in the spare room where she was supposed to be doing her crafting.  She slapped the paddle as she walked by and the bells did a little jingle.  It was kind of funny almost and she decided to take a closer look.  She hit the button again and another little ditty came out of the machine.  It was different, almost funny and she smiled a bit.

A hour later she was completely focused on the game and working the paddles when Jason walked in to the room.

“Hi Honey, how do you like the game?”

“Huh?  Oh, it’s ok… I guess.”  She quickly regained her composure and hurried pass him as she left the room. 

The two weeks, Laura was consumed by the game, each day she’d play it for hours, listening to the sounds it made each time she scored. 

On the third day she had a brain storm, if she played in her heels she’d get a better view of the board!

On the sixth day she’d stopped wearing her pants so she’d be able to move side to side more freely.

On the ninth day she’d gotten rid of her top so she could move her arms better.

She didn’t really know why she’d put the jacket on on the twelfth day but it seemed to help.

Today she was doing really well and she was so focused on the game she didn’t even notice Jason enter the room.  When he placed his hands on her exposed ass she just kept on playing.

When he pushed her forward on to the top of the game she continued to press the paddle buttons as best she could, right up until she felt his cock enter her pussy and suddenly the bells and music were going off in her head and she no longer needed the game.