Casey couldn’t believe how quickly her hair had grown after taking the pill.  Before it had just come down below her ears and had been a dull brown. 

Of course, she probably should have removed her clothes before taking it, the increase in her chest had ruined her top and her skirt had ridden up a bit but that was ok.

She grabbed her phone to take a selfie, the flash went off and she suddenly felt a chill run up her spine, bounced off her brain and returned to her pussy.

She blinked several times before realizing she was still standing in front of the mirror. 

‘Wow, that was different.’ She thought and looked at the results on her phone, for some reason she looked better in the photo then in the mirror.  She snapped another selfie and the heat in her pussy blossomed .

She looked at the new photo, it was amazing, but it could be better somehow.  She thought about it and then realized what it was.  She pulled on the zipper of her top and it fell to the floor.

The flash dazed her again but the results were much better, the photo was amazing, her new big tits looked perfect sitting so high on her chest.  Several more selfies followed and her skirt eventually found the ground as well. 

The fingers of her free hand soon found her pussy and her orgasm came just as the flash went off.

‘God, that was amazing!  *giggle*  But like, I know just who will want to see these photos!’ She thought as she texted her ex boyfriend, she’d broken up with him after he had suggested they make a sex tape.

She hit send and another small orgasm ran through her.