It was the latest fashion trend, glasses that displayed custom messages on them and Kelly had finally managed to get a pair! 

By default they just displayed the designers name on them, but she could program in anything she wanted and each day she did just that.  A life affirming message, a famous quote or other inspirational message.

For the first few months everything was fine, but then all of a sudden they just reverted to their default message and no matter what she did they wouldn’t change.

Kelly was just arriving home to her apartment when she met Jason in the lobby.  He lived across the hall and she didn’t like him very much.  He was older, out of shape and a computer nerd of some kind and he looked at her in a way that she didn’t like, but they made small talk as they rode the elevator to their floor.

“Hey, I noticed you haven’t changed the message on your glasses lately, anything the matter?”

“Yea, I can’t get it to change any more.”

“That’s too bad, do you want a hand?  I could take a look if you wanted.”

Kelly was torn, she didn’t really want him in her apartment, but she really would like the glasses working again.

“Well, ok, yea.”

Jason followed her in to her living room where her laptop was and she handed him her glasses.  He worked on it for a few minutes before letting out a little “humph”.

“Well, there’s your problem, your USB driver isn’t working right.  I’ll just download an update to it and that should do it.”

A reboot later and her glasses were once more fully functional.

“Thanks Jason.  I owe you one.”

“No problem, talk to you tomorrow.”

The next few weeks just flew by for Kelly, a long day at work followed most night by bumping in to Jason in the lobby.  The feeling she had when he looked at her had changed in that time.  From creepy to friendly to passionate.  

Now she found herself thinking about him more and more.  At first it was just how nice he had been to fix her glasses, then how he was kind of a nice guy and just last night she’d had her first erotic dream about him.

Today she was going out shopping for something special, something Jason would like to see her in, or out of.

Jason opened the door and Kelly was standing there, the tight white dress pushed her rather large breasts up and out.  Her makeup was heavy and her hair was tied tightly behind her head.

“Hi Kelly, what are you doing here?”

Kelly tilted her head a bit, “I… I think… I’m here… to thank you?”, she said as he motioned her in to his apartment.  She walked by him and he closed the door, he moved in close to her and placed his hand on her ass as they moved in to the living room.

“Oh….mmmmmmmm….” she moaned as he maneuvered her towards to couch.

He sat down and she stood in front of him.

“So how do you intend to thank me Kelly?” he said as he spread his legs apart.

She dropped to her knees and unzipped his pants and just like in her dreams she looked up at him through her glasses, she had changed the message to something more insperational, “Jason’s Slut”.