Patrica hated blind dates, but her friend had insisted and it was just for coffee so she had finally relented and agreed to it.

When he had arrived with the sun flower it had seemed like a strange thing to bring but it had smelled nice so she’d smiled and accepted it.  Unfortunately she couldn’t really say what her friend thought she’d see in this man.  He was at least ten years older than her and even though he looked to be well off she wasn’t looking for that kind of relationship.

The smell of the sun flower drifted up to her nose again as they made small talk, she’d stay for a few minutes and then make an excuse of some kind.  But as they talked she became more and more relaxed.  He seemed to have a calming voice and soon she wasn’t really listening to him any more.

The fragrance of the sun flower had completely relaxed her and her whole body dropped slightly, her face had taken on a neutral visage and his words floated through the air and directly in to her mind.

She lost track of time, but once in a while she could make out something that he said.

“…obedience…”  Yes, obedience was important, she would obey.

”…submissive…“  She was naturally submissive, she would submit.

”…horny…“  Her pussy was on fire, she was horny.

”…slutty…“  Her hand was already in her pussy, she was slutty.

”…blowjob…“  She was under the table sucking his cock, what else could he want.