Chloe made her way in to the back room, leaving the loud party behind her.  She’d been sent in undercover to find out what was going on at the club where so many women had disappeared.

The party was routine but she knew if she was going to find out anything it would be somewhere in the back rooms.  She’d gone  through the kitchen and found a hallway that didn’t seem to have anyone in it and decided to investigate. 

It lead to a set of stair that went to the second floor and she found a large room with a desk near the doorway and a large bed setup with video equipment at the other.

On the desk were two brief cases, she made her way over to them and opened each of them in turn.  Inside were a jumble of wires and circuits that were connected to two diamond shaped blue displays of some kind.

She looked for any kind of control panel but didn’t find anything, there was however a cable in each case.  One had a female connector and the other a male connector of the same type.

Chloe pulled out her cell phone and took a couple of pictures for the tech guys then decided to plug in the cables to see if she could get any more information out of whatever they were.

After she had secured the cables together the display on the left case came alive.

“System active… Scanning for subject… ready to proceed, please confirm.”

A simple yes/no prompt appeared below the text.  She reached out and pressed yes eager to find out more information about what these things were.

“Processing now…”

A blue light came out of the display and bathed her entire body, suddenly she found she couldn’t move.

The light focused in on her breasts and she suddenly felt them swell outwards, stretching the fabric to it’s limit.  Without her consent, her body turned around and the light settled on her bum producing a similar effect.  Her body turned once more towards the case and the light sweeped up her body and landed on her lips.  It stayed only a moment but she felt her lips puff outwards.

The light turned off and Chloe could move again, her new proportions throwing her balance off she reached out and steadied herself against the desk.  She looked up and found herself right in front of the second case, the display had come to life as well.

“Processing, please wait…”

Before she could move it emitted a similar blue light, but unlike the last case, this one focused immediately on her eyes.  She found herself immobile once more, but unlike the last case, where she had no control of her body, this time she found she simply didn’t want to move.

Still bent over with her hands on the desk, Chloe had a clear view of the display.

“Mental restructuring in progress:

Sexual preference: Current – Hetro, New – Bi.

Obedience level: Current – Low, New – High.

IQ level: Current – 123, New – 86.

Sexual activity level: Current – Medium, New – Very high.

Profession: Current – Law enforcement agent, New – Porn actress.”

The lines scrolled on and Chloe didn’t even notice the two men enter the room.  When it had finally finished, she managed to straighten herself upright and get her balance.

“Hey, what’s your name?” a voice called from behind her.

Chloe turned her head to see who it was, “Uhmm.. like, Chloe.”

“Well Chloe your here just in time, Rob and I were just about to do some lighting tests on the set, want to help out?”

“Like, totally!” Chloe swayed over to the bed and waited for Rob as he approached, the hunger in her eyes was clear, they were fixed on the buldge in his pants.