Jennifer looked in the window of the small ice cream shop that had recently opened by her office.  She’d walked by a few times and managed to resist going in each time but today was hotter than it had been in a long time and her willpower had finally failed.

The store was empty except the lone clerk behind the counter and she took her time looking at the various treats on display.  Absorbed by all the different flavors she didn’t notice the clerk move towards her.

“Hi, see anything you like?”

“Oh, ummm, it all looks good!”

“Say, would you like to try something special, something we’ve been working on?”

“Sure, I guess.”

He turned around and reached in to one of the freezers behind the counter and produced a popsicle in a plain white wrapper.

“Here, I think your like this.”

“Oh, what do I owe you?”

“On the house, just come back tomorrow and let me know what you thought of it.”

Jennifer was licking her lips as she returned the next day, the popsilce had been fantastic and she’d felt energized after licking all the way through it.

She entered the shop eager to have another one, unfortunately she found several customers in front of her and she had to wait.

“Well hello again, how was the popscile?”

“Amazing!  Can I have another one?”

“Well, sure.” he said as he grabbed one from the freezer.

“Here, this one is something I’ve been working on for a while, give it a try.”

Over the next few weeks Jennifer fell in to a routine of each day going to the ice cream shop at lunch to get another popscile.  Each one was better than the last and by the end of the first week she didn’t even think about the fact she seemed to be losing weight while eating them.

By the end of the second week when her breasts had started to swell she just giggled at the thought while licking the popscile.

When Jeremy, the clerk, suggested she drop by the store after work as he had a surprise for her, she couldn’t wait to see what it might be.

“Her Jennifer, I’ve got a special treat for you tonight.” he said handing her a popscile.

“Oh wow!  Thanks!”

Jennifer quickly unwrapped the popscile and started licking.  A smile across her face quickly turned to passion with each lick and her whole body felt on fire.

Licking was no longer enough and she pushed the entire popscile in to her mouth and sucked at it.  It tasted heavenly!  It consumed all her attention and Jeremy lead her behind the counter and in to the back room.

He returned to the front of the store and locked up, Jennifer would take a few more minutes to finish off the popscile and then she’d been looking for something else to suck on.