Mystic Maiden cast a spell of revelation in the air in front of her, it shimmered in front of her and she looked beyond it at the embassy of Dr. Taylor.

Through the spell she could clearly make out the interior of the house, she scanned each room of the first and second floor before moving to the lower level where she had expected to find something more interesting than the normal living quarters.

She wasn’t’ disappointed.

“Ugh, the horrid technology infests this place!” she said to no one in particular.  She found several of her previous team mates in various rooms in the basement, some seemed to be talking to computers while others just seemed to be sitting around waiting.

Dr. Taylor, however was in the lab, exactly where she had expected to find him.

She focused her mind on his location and let the spell end, she quickly cast a teleportation spell to bring him to her, she knew she’d have little chance making any kind of frontal assault on the mansion, but pulling him out of his element would give her the advantage.

Weaving the spell with her hands, she finished she sheilded her eyes from the flash of light as the teleportation finished.  She lowered her hand and Dr. Taylor was standing in front of her, but something was wrong.

“Oh, my, Mystic Maiden, welcome to my lab!”

She looked around, the teleport spell had reversed somehow and she was now in the basement lab.  She acted quickly, before Dr. Taylor could call any of the others for help.

She quickly started to cast a compulsion spell, she could still salvage the mission if he willingly came with her.

“Oh, I wouldn’t do that if I were you…”

She smirked as the Doctor tried to talk his was out of trouble and she finished the spell.

“…too late I guess.”

A bolt of blue energy leaped from her finger tips and reached out to Dr. Taylor’s head.  To her surprise, they bounced off of him and right back at her.  Taken by surprise, she had no time to raise her defenses as her will was sapped away.

“A compulsion spell, most impressive.”  Dr. Taylor said as he walked over to the now limp heroin.

“You know, magic’s not my thing, but I did trade a colleague of mine a custom computer virus for this little thing.”  he said as he held up his hand and fiddled with a small gold ring he wore on his right hand.

“Said it would protect me from everything but the most powerful magic by reversing the spell back on the send.  I wasn’t sure if he was exaggerating or not at the time, but the compulsion spell is a real doozie and I didn’t feel anything but a light breeze!”

“I will miss not having to use the programming helmet on you, but I’ll get over it.”

Missy Mai heard the announcement start and grabbed her top hat.  She checked herself in the mirror once, pushing her boobs up and together once more to make sure she was showing enough cleavage.

“…so please welcome Missy Mai to the stage!”

She arrived just as it was finishing and she hurried on stage.

Once Dr. Taylor had explained to her how much she liked performing for an audience AND being naked, he’d been kind enough to get her a job at his friends strip club!

She grabbed the pole and twirled around it, shimmying up to the top of it before sliding all the way down to the floor.  She danced around the stage and as the next song started she began to removed her clothes.  As each piece came off she made an exaggerated gesture as if casting a magic spell before vanishing it right before the audience.

They didn’t know it was real magic, but that just made it more fun!

By the end of her third song she was completely naked except for her top hat, gloves and six inch heels.  She left the stage and found several men waiting for her as usual, but one seemed to stand out and soon they were in the VIP area.

She started dancing for him when the next song started and soon enough she was sitting in his lap, rubbing her ass in to his groin.  She leaned back against him and moaned lightly.

“Dr. Taylor told me that you can really do magic…” he whispered in her ear.

“…he said you really turn tricks better than anyone.”

She stiffened slightly as a small orgasm passed through her body, she turned around and smiled.

“Oh, I know the best trick around…” she said as she unzipped his pants and brought his hard shaft out.

“…watch me make your magic wand disappear without using my hands.”

She placed her hands behind her back and lowered her lips to his head, sure enough it disappeared right in to her mouth.