Kendra walked through the lobby of the casino and straight back to the malfunctioning machine.  The techs were working on it but her whole company was riding on this deal, if the new game wasn’t a success here, no one would buy it.

And it wasn’t going to be a success if it kept breaking down all the time!

“How long Doug?”

“Soon, it’s the stupid emitter again.”

She cursed under he breath.  The emitter was the heart of the system, it generated a subsonic wave that kept a player at the machine even after they would have otherwise left.

Ten minutes later she saw Frank walking towards them, he was the VP of slots and gaming and had been tracking the project closely.  She wished she could say it was just because of the game, but she knew her looks played a part in it as well.

“How are things going Kendra?”

“Oh, great Frank.  Doug will have this little glitch sorted out in not time.”

“Yes, Doug seems to be a great resource, be careful or we’ll have to steal him from you!”

She laughed and made small talk for several minutes until Doug had finished his worked and closed up the game again.

“All done Kendra, good as new.”

“Good to hear, Kendra, why don’t we grab a drink at the bar.”  Frank said.

“I’m sorry Frank, I’ve got so much on my plate I have to get back to the office right away.  Rain check?”

“Sure Kendra, talk to you soon.”

Kendra hastily walked out through the casio again, leaving Frank and Doug by the game.

“So Doug, what’s it going to take to get you on board here.  I’ve got a senior gaming tech spot open I’d love to offer you?”

“Tempting Frank, but…”

“Look Doug, I like you, so just between us, the casino isn’t going to by buying these games.  Even when they’re running they don’t’ bring in that much extra cash and with all the extra maintenance and their price they just don’t make sense.

And that’s going to be the same story no matter where Kendra goes.”

Doug druped his shoulders and sighed.  He’d put the last ten years in to the emitter and now it was all going to end.  He’d even put up with Kendra, she’d bailed him out of financial ruin with a small loan and 6 months later she was running his company.

Doug thought for a moment and then responded, “You know Frank, I’m kind of tired of working on these machines, maybe you could offer me something in management?”

“Well Doug, I like you, but not that much.”  Frank said with a chuckle.

“What if I could offer you something you… want?”


“You know the emitter makes people keep doing something they wouldn’t normally do…”

“I’m listening…”

Kendra stood in the lobby of the casino waiting for Frank.  It was their fifth date and she’d meant to end it each time.  She didn’t even really know why she’d said yes the first time, let alone the second.

On the first date, she’d worn a simple business suit.  On the third a dress and now she could hardly believe the outfit she had on.  Or the amount of time she’d spend at the salon!

She reached over and touch the plant beside her, ‘I’m like one of these plants!  On display for everyone to see!’, she thought as she caught sight of Frank walking towards her.

“Well hello beautiful.” he said as he leaned in and kissed her.

A charge ran through her body as he did. 

“Ready to go?”

“Well, I… yes” she said trailing off to the point that she almost whispered the last of it.

“Great!” he said as he wrapped his arm around her waist, placing his hand firmly on her ass.  The electricity ran through her again as he did so.

It felt better each time she saw him, she couldn’t understand what was going on but she let him lead her towards the front doors.  He gave her ass a small squeeze and she almost tripped.

`God I almost orgasmed!  I didn’t feel anywhere close to this good on the third date and I gave him a blowjob.  Last time I took him back to my place and he fucked me silly!  I can’t wait to see what he does to me tonight!`

Doug watch the security footage in his office, it was one of the perks of being slots and gaming hardware manager.

The emitter Frank had in his pocket caused a slight bulge in his pants, but the one he had in front of him was smaller and no one would ever notice it.