Sandra breathed hard in to the sheets, the pill having run through her body.

‘God, why did I think I could ever stop at just one!’

She’d dropped so much weight after taking the first one and the side effects weren’t really that bad.  Sure she been having more sex and liking it a lot more as well, but why shouldn’t she?

And now she’d probably be having a lot more too, her body had tightened up even more and it looked like her hair had gone blonde this time!

She thought back to her old self, 280 pounds of fat and despair.

Suddenly she felt the second wave of the pill hit her.  Her hand moved under her body and found her clit.  She rode the wave of the pill and started thinking about all the hot young guys she’d bee fucking soon.

To her surprise, it wasn’t getting her any closer to orgasm.  She thought about all the guys she knew and masturbated to before but still nothing moved her closer.

Then a name popped in to her head, Trevor, and things started to move again.

`No!` she thought, `Not Trevor…`

She didn’t want to think about him but each time she tried to think of someone else she started to slide back from the orgasm she desperately needed.

She succumbed and gave in, picturing Trevor in her mind.  He was older, balding and overweight.  He’d asked her out many times before she took the first pill and she’d said no.

Now, as he finger entered her pussy, thoughts of Trevor brought the best orgasm of her life.  But she knew the next one, when she had Trevors cock buried deep in her, would be far better.