Miss Miller sat behind her desk in front of the chalk board as the class ended, “Don’t forget to read chapter 8 and do the homework assignment for chapter 7 for next week!” she called out as be bell rang and the students raced out of the room.

“Miss Miller, you wanted to see me?”

“Oh, yes John,” She reached in to her desk drawer and pulled out her tablet, “I’m having trouble connecting to the network and I thought you might be able to help me.”

“Sure Miss, let me have a look.”

Susan liked John, he was a quiet student with top grades and a real future.  He never needed help in her advanced math class and she heard the same from all the other teachers too, especially the computer prof.

“Here you go, just needed to install the connection software.  Whenever you want to connect to the network, just run this app.  It will take a couple of seconds to get connected but just let it run and keep an eye on it and you’ll be good.”

“Thanks John, have a good night.”

Susan watch the screen on the tablet, a series of colored status blocks danced across the screen and she smiled.  John had been right last week, it did take a bit, but once connected everything was fine. 

She did notice that it was taking almost twenty minutes now to connect to the network but she didn’t mind, watching the screen dance about was so relaxing.

Her classes just flew buy and she hardly noticed the students leave until John had come up to her desk.

“Hi Miss Miller, I’m having some trouble with the next assignment, could I drop by after my chess club meeting at the end of the day?”

“Oh, sure John, I’ll be here late marking papers anyway.”

“Thanks Miss Miller.”

John walked in to the classroom at 5:30, long after everyone else had left.  Miss miller was watching the tablet intently as he’d remotely triggered it to disconnect from the network knowing she’d have to use it to enter her marks.

He pulled out his phone and tapped in a couple of commands before closing the door.

A few moments later Miss Miller started to remove her blouse, but still intently focused on the screen.  She switched hands several times but eventually dropped it on her chair.

The screen popped up a windows with a large button in the center and her hand moved towards it and click it.  She blinked several times and then turned her head towards John.  She set the tablet down on the desk and started teaching the lesson from earlier in the day.

“Excuse me Miss Miller?”

“Yes John, what is it?”

“I was wondering why you don’t have a top on?”

Susan looked down and turned beat red.

“Well, I… I don’t know!  This can’t be happening!” she looked around the room and then out the window, “Oh thank god, it’s night time out!  This must be a dream!”

“A dream?  Oh, I guess it must be one of those sexy dreams then, like the ones where you seduce your best student?“

A wicked grin crossed Susan’s face, “Yes, just like that.”

She sashayed over to his desk, bent over at the waist and took his face in her hands, “And you are my best student John…”, she said as she placed her lips on his and darted her tongue in and out of his mouth.

She pulled back and ran her hands down his face, tracing her one finger down to just under his chin.  She motioned him out of his seat and he followed her up to her desk. 

She quickly undid her skirt and let it drop to the floor.  She spread he legs and once more bent at the waist over her desk, reaching back to move her panties out of the way.

She felt him stroke her pussy with his hand and she moaned, dropping her head to the desk, hitting the tablet.  She opened her eyes and watched the colors on the screen dance as John started to rhythmically rub her clit before entering her.

She came hard, knowing full well that John really was her best student.