Peaches, no, she was sure that wasn’t her name but it was the only one that came in to her head when she thought about her name.

She was standing by a small table of fruit, the room was a obviously a hotel suite.  She could see her briefcase in the other corner, her business suite neatly folded on to of it, with her regular shoes topping it off.

She looked down and found herself nearly naked, frilly white lingerie adorned her body and gold stilettos graced her feet.  She tried to close the flimsy shawl around her body found her hands won’t obey her and instead roamed over her body until she stopped trying.

She tried to concentrate and figure out what was happening.  She had come to Atlanta for a reason… she was meeting with the client.  Yes that was it, she was closing a huge deal that would make her the top sales person in the company!

The door to the suite opened and two men walked in, she recognized both.  The first was the client, Jason Barstow.  He was talking to Kevin, her rival at the company and the one she was trouncing in the sales race.

“So Jason, we have a deal then?”

“You bet Kevin, at least as long as you can deliver on your promises of course.”

She couldn’t believe what she was hearing, Kevin was stealing her client and her deal!

“Of course, of course.  We’ll let me just step out and get the paperwork in order, why don’t you relax and have some fresh fruit.  I hear the Georgia Peaches are very succulent this time of year.”

Jason approached the table and inspected some of the fruit before turning his attention to her.  She simply stood there, saying nothing, a calm expression on her face.

He looked her up and down several times before placing his hands on her hips and turning her around.  He grabbed her ass and gave it a squeeze and then a firm slap.

His hand reached between her legs and found her pussy, now moist from just a small amount of attention he had shown her already.  He pulled it back and placed it on her ass cheek pushing her towards the bed.

He pushed her down on to the bed, face first, and kicked her legs apart so her ass was prominently displayed along with her taught legs.  He pulled her panties down and rubbed her pussy a few more times until her juices were flowing freely.

Moments later he slide his dick in and started to rock back and forth.  The pleasure was mind numbing.  She could hardly breath let along think.

“Oh my, Peaches, you really are a succulent piece of ass aren’t you?“

Peaches only moaned in pleasure at the question and soon enough Jason was coming in her.  The orgasm rocked through her, burning away all that was and only leaving behind the promise of the next one.