She stood still like a statue by the bedroom door.  No thoughts passed through her mind, she simply waited.

She had been there all day, since Tom had left for work in the morning.  He had arrived home an hour ago but of course she had not reacted.

A while later he entered the bedroom and walked over to the dress.  He picked up the small black remote and placed it in his shirt pocket.  He then walked over to the chair that was beside her and sat down.

“You know honey, I never did understand the point of having chairs in the bedroom, but I guess I was wrong.”

He pulled out the remote and pressed the play button.  Julia instantly came to life, the pause function no longer locking her in place.  She walked in front of Tom and started to dance.

Soon she was in his lap, naked and  rubbing her breasts in his face.  She slide down his body and placed her lips on his pants over his dick.  Finding his zipper with her fingers she soon fished her prize out and started to suck.

She worked eagerly to satisfy Tom and soon enough she felt the warm cum enter her mouth.  She sucked as hard as she could and swallowed all of it. 

She felt Tom stir and get out of bed, moments later he was beside her as she opened her eyes, he remote was in his hand again and he pressed a button.

“Today I think we’ll go with the school girl look, get cleaned up and dressed and wait by the door.”

She almost jumped out of bed, and prepared for the day.  As Tom finished getting ready to leave he came back in to the bedroom, she was standing by the door in her schoolgirl outfit, plaid skirt, white top and black shoes.  Her arms were clenched behind her and she had her chest pushed out. 

Tom pressed the pause button and all thought stopped.  He placed the remote on the dressed like every morning and left for work.