She’d been in the office so many times over the years it almost seemed like home.  Her “uncle Charlie” had taken care of the family business for years after her parents had died in the accident.  He wasn’t actually family, but he was a trusted friend and worked for all of them on any legal issues they had.

Now of course that she had turned 21 and the trust fund provisions had finally all been met, she was getting full access to her parents fortune.

“Hi Amy!  How are you?”

“Oh, hi George.  I’m fine”  George was the Charlies son, just a few years older than her and kind of a creep.  He’d asked her out a few times but she wasn’t interested.

“I think my dad’s ready to see you, go on in.”

“Thanks George.”

Amy entered the office and Charlie seemed to look a little worried.

“Have a seat Amy.”

She said down in the chair but jumped right back out as something stuck her in her bum.

“Ow!” she cried and rubbed where the pain had come from.

“Are you ok?”

“Yes, I… just.. some…” Amy teetered back and forth a few times before slumping back in to the chair.

Charlie stood up and came around to the front of his desk and inspect Amy.

“Can you hear me Amy?” he whispered


“Amy, can you hear me?” he said more forceful.


“Ok, now listen carefully, everything I’m going to tell you is absolutely true.  You have no doubt about that do you?”


“Good, now, you don’t care about your inheritance, you know it’s in good hands with me.  What you care about is my son George.  He’s very important to you even though you haven’t shown it in the past.  In fact George is the most important thing i your life.”

“…most important…”

“Making George happy is all that matters.  And George really wants a trophy wife.  Someone who looks good draped on his arm but is totally submissive to his wants and desires.  Do you understand?”



Amy was back in the office, uncle Charlie and some more silly papers for her to sign, but she didn’t really care about that.  She was waiting for George. 

She’d dressed up especially for him, she was wearing his favorite outfit, he especially like the way it showed off her legs.  When he walked in to the room her smile came to life.

“Hi George!”

“Hi honey, come on in to dad’s office with me.”

He walked up to her and gave her a deep kiss and then walked in to the office, his hand placed firmly on her ass.

“More paperwork for Amy today Dad?”

“Yes, here Amy, sign these.” he pushed a stack of papers in front of her and Amy started signing without reading any of them.

Charlie looked on as George was groping Amy’s breasts, he had hated to do it, Amy was almost like a daughter to him.  But most of the money was gone and he couldn’t afford to repay it and this had taken care of two problems.

Amy was quite happy with George and George was ecstatic that Amy wanted to be with him.  George wouldn’t be groping the office staff and getting the them sued any more.

Yes, not what he had wanted for Amy, but a better solution them him going to jail for embezzling her trust fund.