Karen started to pull the nanosuit off, she’d spent most of the weekend in it and it had lived up to the advertising.  But now play time was over and she needed to get a good nights rest for work in the morning.

A quick shower and she was off to sleep.  Her dreams were of the weekend.  On Saturday she’d programmed the nanosuit to reshape her body for a night out at the club.  On the dance floor her long blonde hair had reached past her inflated ass in the back and slipped over her massive tits on the front.

She’d taken Henry home with her and he’d turned out to be a good choice as he spent most of his time sucking on her tits and clit.  She’d climaxed several times before he’d finally fucked her.

She’d gotten his number but didn’t expect to see him again, after all, there were lots of men out there and she could experience so many of them using the nanosuit.

Karen looked at her ringing phone, it was Henry again.  He just didn’t get it, for the last two weeks he’d been calling but she had stopped answering after the second day.

She pressed the ignore button as she rode the elevator up to her apartment.  She walked down her hallway and found the super outside of her door.

“Hi Karen, I’ve got some bad news.  Someone broke in to your apartment today.  I called the cops and they should be here shortly.”

Karen looked down to see the smashed lock of her door.

“How do you know they aren’t still inside?”

“The hallway camera caught them entering and exiting, but before you ask, it didn’t catch their face.”

After the police arrived and cleared the place Karen entered her apartment and looked for anything missing.  A few bits of jewelery and some cash she had hidden in the freezer was all that was missing.

The police said there wasn’t much to go on but they’d do their best. 

After everyone had left, she sent straight to the bedroom and checked on her most important possession, the nanosuit.

It was still there, the thief probably didn’t know what it was and had left it.

Her night was pretty much shot, so she went to bed to get a good nights sleep.

Karen had spent the day doing errands, shopping and laundry.  Now it was time to kick back and have some fun.  She slid the nansuit on and pulled out the controller.

It powered up and she flicked through the menu options.  Maybe she’d go Asian tonight, it had been a few months since she’d headed down to the Chinatown clubs.

She hit the execute button and the familiar feel of the nanosuit working came over her. 

A few moments passed until she realized something was wrong, she wasn’t getting any smaller and her skin wasn’t changing color.  Instead her breasts and ass seemed to be getting larger and her hair longer.

She looked down at the controller and the display showed the buxom blonde body she had used a few weeks ago.

Her body continued to change as she reached down and grabbed the controller, she hit the cancel button but nothing seemed to happen.  A few more taps had the same result.

“Well I guess I’ll have to wait until it’s finished.”

A short while latter the changes were complete and she stood up and grabbed the control again.  She took a look in her full length mirror, the blonde beauty, clad entirely in the shiny black nanosuit certainly made an impression. 

She looked at the control, the completed message flashing a few times before being cleared from the screen.  A second message flashed on the screen.

“Mental programming commencing…”

“What… no!” she tapped the cancel button several more times before her mind caught on fire.  Her hands flew up to each side of her head and she grabbed hold, dropping the controller as she did so.


She fell back to the bed as the process continued.

Karen stood up and walked out of her bedroom towards the front door.  She opened it to reveal Henry standing in the hallway.

He walked in and closed the door behind him, turned to Karen and said, “Status?”

“Karen-bot is fully operational master.”

“Good, where is the controller?”

“In the bedroom master.”

“Show me.” Henry said and she led him to her bedroom.

He picked up the fallen controller and peeled off the thin film he had installed yesterday during his staged robbery.  It was actually two layers, the top layer was conductive to detect when it was touched and the second layer was could be programmed to simulate a touch.  This had let Henry effectively override the options Karen had selected and substitute his own.

“Get dressed, we have somewhere to be.”

“Yes master.”

Karen-bot danced on stage, her shift would be over soon and she’d be able to return to master.  Master had owned Karen-bot for almost a month and had used her many times, but master had said it was time she earned her keep and a week ago she had started dancing.

She walked off stage and master was waiting for her with the manager of the club.

“So your saying she can be anything?”

“Yes, just let me know what you need and I can reshape her.”

“Well, the big titted blonde look does work well, what I really need is someone to keep the customers coming back.  You know, customer satisfaction.”

“Of course, of course, that’s no problem.  I’ll make sure she’s very customer service oriented for tomorrow night.”

“Then I think we have a deal.” the manager said as he handed a large wad of bills to Henry.

Henry leaned in to her, “Karen-bot, recognize secondary owner, Bill.”

“Follow me.” Bill said and Karen-bot followed him back to his office.  Soon Karen-bot was riding Bill’s dick and he sucked on her tits, apparently Henry had found a kindred spirit and decided to rent Karen-bot out.  The though exploded in her mind as Bill exploded in her pussy and her programming accepted her new secondary owner.