April looked at the table, set for two, with a single rose in the middle.  She set down her briefcase and sighed.  Don was trying so hard but their marriage had been over for some time now and all that was left was to get the lawyers involved.

“Hi honey, welcome home!”

“Oh, Don, that’s so sweat.  You really shouldn’t have.”

“Look, I know you think there’s no hope, but can’t you give it a try.  Even if just for one night?”

“Ok, Don, one night.”

April sat and Don brought out the salad.  He poured her a glass of wine and they made small talk as they ate.

The main dish was, of all things, sausage and pasta.  She rolled her eyes but took a bite of the meat.  The taste tickled her tongue and she chewed quickly.

“This is really good Don, what kind of sausage is it?”

“I picked it up at the local butchers, never frozen.”

“Mmmmm… it’s really tasty! *giggle*”

She hungrily chewed the next piece from her plate, ignoring the pasta.

“Would you like some more?”

“Golly, yes!”

By the time Don came back in to the dinning room, April’s hair had lightened and lengthened and she was sucking on her finger trying to get the last of the juice from the sausage from her plate.  Her dark blue blouse seemed tight across her chest.

“April, that blouse doesn’t look very comfortable, why don’t you unbutton it?”

“Like, that’s a great idea! *giggle*”

Don picked up one of the sausages from the plate and held it before her, “Now before you take a bite, whey don’t you suck on it a little first?”

April wrapped her lips around the sausage and worked it back and forth several times.  She closed her eyes behind her glasses and let out a small moan as the juice flowed over her tongue and down her throat.

When she couldn’t stand it an longer she bit in to the meat and chewed.

Don watched as her growing chest, which had never needed a bra before, expanded outwards.

Don repeated the process twice more with the remaining meat on the plate.  When he was done April opened her eyes, a hunger was still there.

“Wow, like do you have any more of those?”

“Nope, sorry April, that was all of them.”

“But I’m still hungry for more!”  She furrowed her brow, raised her hand to her lip and tried to think.  A moment passed and a wicked smile crossed her lips.

“Like, I bet you have a sausage I can eat Donnie!”

“Well April, you never liked my sausage before… this isn’t some kind of April fool’s joke is it?”

“Gawd no!  April’s no fool, I’m a bimbo!” she said as she slide off her chair and on to her knees.  April found Don’s zipper and soon enough had his cock in her mouth.