Tabitha spun down the bike as she finished her workout for the day, her next stop was the steam room to let the hot mist wash away the weeks stress.  She liked coming to the condo’s gym late at night like this, no one else was here and she was left to her own.

She’d been working out a lot more lately, it was getting hard to complete with all the bimbos that had started to show up and while she was pretty enough, she had a few extra pounds that she could get rid of, even if she wasn’t going to do anything about her perfectly fine B cups.

She toweled the sweat from her forehead, pushing aside her short brown hair as walked to the steam room.  She opened the door and poured on some water to the hot rocks as a blast of heat rolled over her.  She sat down on the bench and breathed in refreshing scent of the steam.

Water beads started to form on her skin as she relaxed, reaching across she scooped up another cup of water and added it.  Once again the head rolled across her, but it seemed to have an even more pleasant scent to it.  She breathed it in deeply as she leaded back once more.

Her whole body felt alive as she repeatedly poured more and more water on to the rocks, soon she completely lost track of time.  When some semblance of though returned to her she realized something was different.  She pulled the towel from around her stared at her body for a moment, trying to figure out what was happening.

It was her waist!  It was smaller and tighter.  It had taken a moment for her to realize it as she’d had to look over her breasts to see it.  A moment later the realization of her now C cup breasts hit her as well.

She stood bolt upright and headed for the door, but it seemed to be locked and she couldn’t get it open.  She turned around and stood on the bench to try and see if she could call for help through the vent, she got to the wall and a sudden wave of dizziness came over her. 

She reached out to steady herself against the wall, pressing her whole body against it, a new sensation came over her as she her breasts touched the all, pleasure!

She pulled back a bit and turned around, leaning against the wall.  She looked down at her breasts again and they were even larger now, but she also noticed the long blonde hair resting against one of them.

She reached down and brushed her hair way, lightly touching her breast as she did so, the please returned and she let out a soft moan.  Soon both hands had found her now large breasts and the soft moans had changed to louder cries of pleasure.

When she heard the click of the door, she regained a brief moment of control and took her hands away from her breasts, she looked over to see who was there.

“Hello Tabby, how are you making out?”

It was Ron, but he never came to the gym, what was he doing here, standing in the door way naked!

Ron’s hard cock took all of Tabby’s attention as soon as it had registered in her mind.  She carefully stepped down and walked over to Ron.  Her gaze still fixed on Ron’s cock she felt his hand rest on her head and push her down, she didn’t resist. 

As soon as her lips touched his head she instinctively took him in to her mouth and started to suck, soon enough Ron’s cum raced down her throat and she knew she no longer had to complete with all those bimbos she’d been seeing lately because now she was one of them!