When it had at first started, Joanne hadn’t paid it much attention.  The winter was so grey anyway that she hardly notice the color leaving everything else.  But as winter passed and her greys she started to notice a few times color entered her life.

Like when she was going for a walk in the park.  If she kept up a good pace the color of the trees and sky came through.  But if she slowed down or sat on a bench, they greys returned.

She started to look forward more and more to her walks and they soon became jogs.  When the weather was bad she had started going to the gym and she found the same thing.  As she worked out life was colorful and happy.

A few months later the workouts had really paid off.  But she seemed to be getting less of a reward now, even though it was still very pleasant.

One day, when she was shopping she’d walked by high end dress shop and she hardly noticed, except for one of the dresses in the window popped out in color at her.

It wasn’t her normal kind of dress, it was fancy and showed a lot of skin but it fascinated her and she went in and bought it.

Soon her entire wardrobe had been replaced, sexy lingerie, tight revealing dresses, anything that had color.

She’d been fired from her job shortly after that for inappropriate attire, but it didn’t matter.  A week later she’d found a new job, she’d been walking downtown when one of the building had been full of color.  She didn’t even look at what store she was entering but when her eye’s adjusted she saw a half naked woman dancing on stage.  The room was all shades of grey but the dance was all bright colors.

Later, after talking to the manager, Joanne was dancing on the stage, the colors radiating out from her.

At the end of the week the manager had called her in to his office, “So Joanne, how are you liking it?”

“It’s amazing!”

“Good, I noticed you have only been doing the stage shows.  No VIP dances yet?”

“Oh well…”

“A little nervous?  Why don’t you try one here with me.”

“Well, I guess…”

Joanne stood up and started to dance, as soon as she did the color returned to her world and she lost herself in it.  Before she knew it, she was naked, except for her panties and shoes.

“That was great Joanne, you’re a natural.”

“Thanks… I guess I should go…”

“Just one more thing Joanne…” the manager said as he unzipped his pants and fished his dick out.

Joanne was stunned for just a second and then the kaleidoscope of color that emanated from his dick hit her like a ton of bricks.  She gasped and a wave of pleasure rolled over her.

Her eyes firmly fixed on it, she crawled across the floor and gingerly touched it.  A spark of life washed over her the world came alive.  She quickly took hold of it and then found the tip with her lips.

As she took it deep in to her mouth, colors exploded in her mind, wiping away much of what had been there just a few moments ago, leaving just a swirl of color in it’s place.