Carole sat beside her client in the conference room, across the table was the lawyer for the casino as well as several of the executives.  She’d just finished deposing Doug, the slots and hardware manager with little success.  Her client was sure the slots had made a mistake and taken a large jackpot away from him but the casino refused to budge.

This was the last disposition of the day and as they finished Carole stayed behind to once again try and convince her client to take the offer the casino had made.  Sure it was a low ball offer just to get rid of the nuisance of the lawsuit, but it was more than he deserved in her opinion.

After another failed attempt to convince him, she stood up and smoothed out her knee length skirt and shifted her jacket in back in to position as her client left.  She walked out of the room and found Doug waiting for her.

“Hi Carole, I wanted to congratulate you doing such a good job in there.”

“Thank you, but I really shouldn’t talk to you Doug.  My client is suing the company you work for after all.”

“Oh, I don’t hold that against you Carole.  Would you like to get a drink at the bar?”

“No, I should be going.” she said as she walked away, not noticing the frown on Doug’s face.

Carole walked out of the conference room the next day, brushing a long strand of brown hair from her face to once again find Doug waiting for her.

“Hi Carole, long day?”

“Yes Doug, I must be going.” she didn’t notice Doug place his hand in his pocket.

“Of course, but why don’t we grab a quick drink to help you relax before you head out?”

“Well…” a strange feeling washed over her, “…ok.”

They made small talk for a while as they sipped their drinks and Carole lost track of time.  Soon she was smiling and laughing at the stupid jokes Doug was telling her and when he finally said he had to go she felt as if something was missing.

When Doug had leaned in to kiss her she’d paused only for an instant before locking lips with him.

Carole hesitated before opening the door, she hoped Doug wouldn’t be there as they’d finished the depositions early today and she didn’t want a repeat of last night.

Even though she clearly remembered having a very good time, she couldn’t figure out why she’d agreed to, well she had to admit it, a date with Doug.

If he was there she’d definitely say no today.

“Hi Carole, up for a drink?”

“I…I…” a electric current ran though her, “ok.”

A few hours later Carole was walking through the casino with Doug, he had his hand firmly on her ass and she was leaning in to him with a big smile on her face.

Doug pulled out his security card and they walked back in the office area of the casino and eventually arrived at his office.  He closed the door behind them as she looked around the office, it was littered with all kinds of components from what she assumed were the slot games.

When she turned back to Doug he was standing close to her and he wrapped his hands around her waist and pulled her even closer as his lips found hers.  Soon her tongue worked it’s way in to his mouth as his hands found her ass.

His hands made their way up her back to her shoulders and then they guided her down to her knees.  As her head approached his crotch the electricity she’d been feeling increased and her hands quickly found his zipper and then his hardening dick.

Carole looked in the mirror, her platinum blonde hair looks so strange even though she’d had it for two weeks already.  On their sixth date Doug had suggested she’d look good as a blonde and she’d gone to the salon the next day.

She brushed her long hair and checked her makeup once more.  It was heavier than she usually wore, but Doug had said a little more makeup might look nice and so she’d added a little extra tonight.

Her dress was another story.  She didn’t really wear dresses and this one was fashionable but didn’t reveal much.  For some reason she didn’t like it but couldn’t put her finger on it.

Doug picked her up a little while later and they had a nice dinner and a night out at a lounge.  Throughout the night Carole hung off of Doug’s arm and followed his lead wherever he wanted to go.  Throughout the evening the electricity running throughout her body had been making her more and more desperate to get Doug back to her place.

By the time they arrived back to her place she almost attacked Doug as he closed the door behind him and soon Doug’s hard cock was pounding her needy pussy.

Kay looked over at Doug, she’d just finished getting ready when he came in to the bedroom.  She pushed out her chest and posed to make sure he had a change to get a good look.

She’d spend the day at the salon getting everything just right, just the way Doug wanted her.  Her now short blonde hair, heavy makeup, fake jewelery and short, right dressed showed off the last several months of work at the gym.

She’d had so much more time to focus on her appearance once she’d quite her job.  Next week she had an appointment with a plastic surgeon so she could finally get rid of the push up bra she was using to fill out her dresses. 

Doug smiled his approval and Kay giggled and smiled, getting approval from Doug was the second best thing she could hope for.  The first of course being his cock in her pussy, but usually that happened soon afterwards.