Lana continued to work on the spreadsheet, no matter how long she worked on it, it just never seemed to get finished.  She took her glasses off and rubbed her eyes and then rubbed her neck through her thick sweater.

She ran her hands through her tangled hair, pulling some in front of her face.

‘Time to color my hair again…` she thought to herself as she examined the dark roots.

She was pulled out of her thoughts as Tom, the IT guy, came in to her office.

“Hi Lana, we’re doing upgrades, can I get to your system for a few minutes?”

“Sure Tom, I could use a break anyway.”

It had taken Tom more than a “few” minutes and Lana had actually left for the day before he was finished but the break was welcome and she knew the work would be there the next day, waiting for her.

Tom had left a note for her saying he was finished but if she had any issues to give him a call.

Once her computer had come up, pretty much everything was different and it took a little while to find everything she needed but eventually she got back to work.

Lana was working on the perpetual spreadsheet again when Tom entered he office a few days later.

She looked up and smiled at him, she hadn’t noticed before but Tom was kind of cute, in a geeky, overweight, kind of way.  She was glad she had gone to the salon last night and gotten her hair colored again.

“Hi Tom, what’s up?”

“Hi Lana, the company wants to install these video conference cameras to help with technical support.”

Lana scrunched her forehead and tried to think why having a camera pointed at her all day everyday was wrong but nothing came to mind.  Tom didn’t seem to have a problem with it and that was good enough for Lana.

Lana adjusted her glasses again, or tried to, having started wearing contact lenses this week was still a little strange.

She pulled her white blouse down again, it felt good to get rid of the baggy sweaters she’d been wearing lately and she liked the loose fitting white blouse she’d chosen this morning.

Lana momentarily looked over at the video conference camera and smiled as she remembered the last time she’d seen Tom.  Last night she’d had a very erotic dream staring him and she blushed a bit.  It was a good thing, as Tom had explained, the camera could only be activated when she accepted the connection.

Without thinking, Lana undid another buttoned on her blouse as she worked on the spreadsheet.  Soon she reached up and let down her hair, let out a sigh as she leaned back in to the chair and closed her eyes for a moment.

Her mind drifted to Tom, like it did most of the time these days.  Her hand slide in to her blouse and started to stroke her nipple, her lips parting slightly as a soft moan came out.

Tom watch on his PC as Lana’s other hand snaked down towards her pussy.  He stood up and started to walk towards Lana’s office, she’d taken to the program faster than he expected but he wasn’t complaining, even if she might when he walked in on her masturbating in the office.