Kimmy snapped today’s photo and double checked it before sending to him.  She’d long ago given up trying to resist the command, it was to specific. 

Oh if he gave her loosely worded command she could sometimes get around them but when it came to the big ones there was not resisting them.

“Quit your job as an accountant.”

“Bleach your hair blonde.”

“Work out every day.”

“Get a job as a stripper.”

“Send me a selfie every day before going to work.”

Her phone vibrated and brought her out of her thoughts.  It was a message from him.

“Nice outfit slut, you’ve done well.”

She gasped at the compliment and slid down the wall, her hand finding her pussy and driving her to orgasm as she repeated her mantra.

“Your slut thanks you master! Your slut thanks you master! Your slut thanks you master!“