Melinda sat at her desk marking papers, it was well past five but there was so much work to do with the semesters big project due earlier that day.

She took her glasses off and rubbed her forehead just as the knock on the classroom door frame jerk her back to reality.

“Melinda, you look tired, why don’t you go home?” Denis, the VP, said.

“Hi Denis, just a few more papers to go.”

Denis walked towards her desk and she noticed he had a gym bag with him.  He reached in and pulled out a bottle of water.

“Well you certainly look like you could use a break.  Would you like some water?”

Melinda licked her parched lips, “That would be great, thanks.”

She cracked open the top and took a sip, it tasted great and she took a deeper swig.

It was followed by several more until the entire bottle was gone.

“You were thirsty weren’t you?“

“Uh, yea…I guess so.”

Melinda suddenly felt a lightness come over her as she licked her lips of the last droplets of water from the bottle.

“Would you like another one?”  Denis said as he pulled another bottle from his bag.

Melinda said nothing but swiped the bottle away from him and started to chug it down.

As she did Denis watched the changes start.  Melinda was only 32 but years of teaching fell away, her skin tightened, her hair which had been short and dyed blond grew out well past her shoulders in her natural black.

Then the pounds started to shed, while her chest swelled outwards.  She finished the second bottle and leaned back in her chair as the changes swept over her.

A little while later they subsided and she blinked several times before sitting back up.

“Like, Denis, what happened?”

“My dear, students address me as Mr. Johnson.”

“But, like, I’m a teacher!”

“Really Milly?  What’s that paper in front of you say?”

“Addy vance Poop alots… 1… 2… 3…” Milly replied as she started to count out the number on her fingers.

“Now, now Milly, if you can’t even read Advanced Calculus 101, how can you be the teacher?”

“Like, your right!  Your so smart!  But like, why am I here after school then?”

“Well your not a very good student so I’m here to do some extra credit work with you of course.”

“Oh my good, thanks Mr. Johnson!”

“But I don’t teach student’s that aren’t in uniform.”

Milly looked down at her clothes, they looked liked something an old woman would wear.

“Lucky for you I have an extra uniform right here in my gym bag, why don’t you get changed while I wait outside.“

“Your the best Mr. Johnson!”

Milly opened the gym bag and pulled out the uniform, there were other things in it as well, makeup and shoes!

Denis walked back in to the classroom and found Milly decked out in the sexy schoolgirl outfit he’d had in the gym bag, she’d even applied the makeup he’d included.

Milly twirled a strand of hair and cast her gaze downwards before looking back up, sticking her chest out puckering her lips.

“So, like, Mr. Johnson, what kind of extra credit work can I do to get an A?”