Karen watch the gas start enter the room again, she didn’t know what would be coming next but it wasn’t the first time.

She’d lost track of how long she’d been trapped in the room, but it had to be months now.

For the first while there had been nothing but a TV, a stationary bicycle and daily meal.

After the first time the gas had entered the room she had woken up with bright blonde hair.

The second time she’d found a new wardrobe and a set of 3″ high heels locked on to her feet.

The third time she’d woken up with a complete makeover and her skin had been bleached somehow as well.  The high heels had been replaced with new ones with 4″ heels.

The last time had been weeks ago and she’d woken up with a pain in her chest and after she’d removed the bandages she’d found her new d cup breasts.  On the nightstand were simple instructions to follow to help the healing and without thinking she followed them to the letter.

She had noticed the new heels, 6″ stiletto, but she hadn’t even thought about taking them off even though the locks were gone.

She got down on to the floor and inhaled deeply the gas, she couldn’t wait to see what they’d do next.