Jose put her forehead against the head board as the pill took hold, her short hair cascaded down her face and over her shoulders.

“Oh God!” she called out to no one.

She felt her stomach pull inwards and her ass expand as the pill flowed throughout her body.

She slid down the headboard as it reached her mind and she called out in passion.  Her hand first found the pillow and then her pussy as the pill continued to do it’s work.

She pulled back from the headboard slightly as her orgasm approached, she pushed her hand hard in to her pussy, pushing herself forward and sending her forehead in to the headboard.  A sudden burst of pleasure exploded from her forehead and she increased her ministrations. 

A second tap of the headboard happened without her even thinking and soon she’d found a rhythm between her head finding the headboard and her fingers finding her clit.

When she finally came her face was buried in the headboard and the muffled scream of pleasure lasted only as long as the oxygen remained in her lungs.