The Siren lathered her body as the water hit her back and ran down her legs to the floor of the large shower.  She looked at the camera and spent some time lather her tits before reaching up and taking her whistle in her hand and running it over her lips.

She turned around and let the water run down her front as she stuck out her ass and wiggled it a bit.

She turned around again and took a step forward, on queue she “slipped” and went down on to her knees.  She took the whistle from her mouth for a moment.

“Like, oh my god, I’ve fallen and can’t get up!  I should call for help!”

The Siren placed the whistle back between her lips, placed her hands in front of her between her knees and blew so hard she dropped her head towards the floor while raising her ass in the air to make sure she pushed all the air from her lungs.

After the second blast of the whistle she was so horny her hand found her pussy and the next blow was have whistle and half moan.

Lady Justice took her cue and entered the scene.  Her black and yellow latex outfit was shiny and her ballet heels made a click-clack on the tile floor as she strode over to her mark.

“Like Lady Just-Tits is here to help!”

“Lady Just-Tits, I’m so glad your here!”

“Silly Siren, why are you playing with your *giggle* pussy?“

Siren crawled over to LJ and looked up at her pantiless pussy.

“Cause, like, I didn’t have yours to play with of course!” she said as she took the whistle from her mouth and applied her tongue to LJ’s pussy.

Soon LJ was on the floor as well, she knew that soon enough one of the crew would hand her the large strap on chrome dildo that was shaped like a the whistle Silly Siren was famous for.