They were known around the office as “the twins” even though they weren’t actually twins.  They were sisters, born less than a year apart and by a fluke they had started school at the same time and graduated university in the same year.

Karen had started at the company first and she was the oldest.  Sandra had started six months later when her sister had told her about an opening.

They had always been very competitive.  Karen’s almost year advantage had always made Sandra have to work even harder to just keep up with her sister.

They had spent the next two years trying to outdo each other, working hard and impressing their boss Ken. 

Then Ken had retired and Rogers had been hired.  Roger was a few years old then them but had a completely different style.  He always demanded more work and that everyone do it faster, he was trying to climb the corporate ladder and only looked at his current position as a stepping stone.

The entire department had almost mutinied after six months and Rogers had backed off and apologized even though no one believed him. 

However everyone had accepted his peace offering a few days later, a gift certificate to a streaming music site that no one had heard of before, Euphoric.

Everyone had tried it and soon you couldn’t walk in to the office without seeing everyone with their head phones on.

Soon productivity was threw the roof.  No one complained about the workload or the fact that Rogers was worse than ever.

A few weeks later, when Sandra had come in to work in a short skirt and a tight top, Karen and felt a twinge of jealousy followed quickly by her competitive streak kicking in and deciding to outdo her sister tomorrow.

Over the next few days the twins leapfrogged each other, wearing less appropriate attire until finally Roger called them in his office.

“Look, I can’t have you two continue to wear less and less each day.  This competition between the two of you has to stop.”



“I don’t want to hear it.  I can only see one solution, from now on you will both dress exactly the same.  Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.” they said in unison.

Karen and Sandra sat in Rogers office, their short red skirts, sequine tube tops and cherry red high heels matched to a tee.

“Look girls, you’ve done well with your clothing, but you’ve just changed to makeup.”

Sandra twirled a strand of freshly dyed pink hair while Karen scowled at her with her bright red lips.

“Sandra, you’ve gone to far, match Karen’s style from now on.”

Karen felt a chill run down her spine and tickle her pussy as a small gasp escaped her lips.

“Ok, back to work girls.”

Sandra left the office but Karen as Karen left Rogers spoke up, “Hang on a sec Karen, why don’t you close the door.”

Sandra closed the door and turned around as Roger spun his chair around so his legs were out from under his desk.

The sound of his zipper sent a tide wave of need through her body as it crashed in to her brain.

Sandra watched Karen exit Roger’s office and walk back to her desk right beside her’s.  She was about to ask when Roger had wanted but before she could Karen had pulled out a lipstick and re-applied her makeup.  As Karen finished she looked right at Sandra, smiled and as if Sandra didn’t know what had happened, pushed her tongue in to her cheek a few times and winked.

Sandra was bent over Roger’s desk as he plowed in to her pussy, her screams of passion fell on deaf ears throughout the office.

Deaf ears except for Karen’s.

They’d spent the last week jockeying to get Roger’s attention first each day so he’d pick them to spend lunch time with.

Today Sandra had won when she had inferred he could spank her and she had lived up to her unspoken promise and the first ten minutes of lunch had been filled with the sound of Roger’s hand coming down on Sandra’s ass.

Karen stewed in her chair as she streamed the latest music from he phone to her earphones when an idea popped in to her head, if Roger was such an ass man she knew exactly what would get his attention tomorrow.

Karen and Sandra were in Roger’s office again.

“Look girls, this competition has been fun but it’s gotten out of hand, it’s time to end it.  From now on I’m going to fuck both of you during lunch, understand?”

“Yes boss!” they replied in unison.

Karen and Sandra waited in Roger’s office, he’d had a meeting before lunch so when they arrived for their “lunch meeting” they’d found the office empty.

With nothing else to do, they put on their headphones, spread their legs and placed their arms behind their backs.

If someone had asked them why they were wearing sunglasses they wouldn’t have been able to answer the question.  Roger had found he liked the look of the two brunnets looking up at his with them on when they gave him a blowjob to start their meeting with.