Cheryl looked over at Donna in surprise, or maybe shock was a better word for it.

“I’m just saying if someone slipped me one of those pills I’m sure I could handle it and not become a bimbo.”

“Oh, I agree.” said Mary with a nod.

Jane looked over at the two women and hesitated just a moment before voicing her own opinion, “Well I think you have to be a bimbo to start with for it to have any effect.”

Cheryl watched all three of her friends look over at her, “Well I guess, let’s just hope none of us finds out.”

Donna got a wicked grin on her face, they’d been friends for what seemed like forever and she knew that grin.  Donna was up to something, something they usually regretted afterwards.

Donna reached in to her purse and pulled out the small pill.

“Is that?” asked Jane.

“Yep.  Who wants to give it a go?”

The three of us looked at each other but before anyone could respond Donna continued.

“I only have one so I think it’s only fair we pick someone randomly.  Let’s get four glasses of water and put it in one of them and then we can all drink them at the same time.”

“Oh sure and who’s going to pick which glass get’s it?” ask Jane.

“Well, Cheryl, is your step brother around?”

Cheryl winched, Donnie was a creep and had been mooching off of her since their parents had died, he’d dropped by a few weeks ago to say hello and hadn’t left since.

Donnie walked in to the basement with the tray of glasses and a big smile on his face.  He’d lusted after his step sisters friends for years and they’d all turned him down at various times.

“Here you go ladies, four glasses just like you asked.”

They each came up and took one from the tray then stood waiting for a moment before Donna spoke up, “Bottoms up girls!”

Donna started to lift the glass and the other three followed suit.  They all drank down the entire glasses quickly.

Donnie snap the photo of the four friends kneeling on the coffee table with his phone and sent it to his contact.

It had taken a while to get the four bimbo’s to settle down and do what he said, but after drinking the spiked drinks he really couldn’t blame them.

After all how could they know he’d been dealing the pill for several months and had a ready supply to add two pills to each glass instead of the single one Donna had given him.

He figured he’d keep Donna, after all she’d made it all possible, but the other three would find good homes and make him a handsome profit as well.

Of course that was after he had some fun with them tonight.