Charlie looked over the papers again, he’d been able to settle all the other lawsuits without going to court but this one seemed to be obstinate. 

Laura had only been working for him for a few months when his son George had caught her by surprise and cornered her in the copy room.  She’d kneed him in the groin to get away and immediately filed the lawsuit.

At least George was completely occupied with Amy now and wouldn’t be causing any more issues, but a lawsuit like this could destroy his firms reputation if it wasn’t handled quietly.

Laura walked in to the enemy territory with confidence, these kinds of firms still existed only because week women let them get away with the harassment by settling for large payments and non-disclosure agreements.  She wasn’t going to let that happen.

She walked right in to Charlie’s office, expecting to find her lawyer already there but was greeted but just the old man instead.

“Welcome Laura, please, have a seat.”

“I think I’ll just give my lawyer a call and wait outside, we shouldn’t be talking without him present.”

“Oh of course, I understand.  We don’t have to talk but you don’t have to stand around outside, I’m sure she’d just caught in traffic.”

Laura hesitated a moment, it was true traffic had been a nightmare on her way over…

She let out a sigh and walked over to the chair and sat down.

“Ouch!”  She screamed and jumped half way back out of the chair.  Suddenly her legs gave out from beneath her and she fell back in to it.

Charlie watched Laura jump up and then slump back down.  He’d forgotten how beautiful she was.  In all honesty it was why he had hired her in the first place. 

Of course she was fully qualified as well, but with all things being equal, her beauty had been the deciding factor.

He had intended on just having her drop the lawsuit, but now he was inclined to go a bit farther.

He walked out from behind his desk and pulled up a chair beside her.

“Laura, can you hear me?”


“Ok, now listen carefully, everything I’m going to tell you is absolutely true.  You have no doubt about that do you?”


“Good, now this whole lawsuit is just silly, you loved working here and you really want to come back.”

“…come back…”

“Yes, that’s right.  Tell me Laura, do you remember what you like best about working for me?”


“That’s all right, let me remind you.  You loved coming in to the office dressed up in sexy clothing to get my attention.  Because when you got my attention it sent a jolt of pleasure right through you.”


“Of course once you felt that pleasure you just couldn’t help yourself.  You need to feel even more pleasure and you knew if you were a good girl all day long you might get rewarded at the end of the day with my cock in your pussy.”

Laura sat on the back of the chair, she’d taken her suit jacket off to reveal the transparent blouse she was wearing and hiked up her skirt to show off the top of her stockings.

She placed a hand on her hip and pulled at her long pony tail with the other one before she spoke up, “Excuse me sir, do you have a moment?”

Charlie look up and smiled, Laura felt the familiar wave of pleasure run over her and her pussy moisten.

“What is it Laura?”

“Well sir, it’s time for your 4 o’clock dick-tation…” she said as she moved her hand to her lips and gently brushed her finger across them.

“Well then I guess you’d better take your position and we’ll get started.”

Laura smiled and slid off the back of the chair and on to all fours, crawling under the large desk and finding her reward was already at full attention.