Brenda and Kim jogged up to Cheryl’s door and knocked.

“It’s just so strange, I haven’t seen Cheryl all week.” Brenda said as she cooled down and took a deep breath, her red t-shirt clung to her thin frame.

“I know, she even skipped out of economics on Wednesday and she never misses that class!” replied Kim.

A moment passed until the door finally opened, revealing Donnie‘s smiling face.

“Oh, hi ladies, your looking for Cheryl?”

“Yes Donnie, who else would we be here to see!” Kim replied with a little snear.

“She’s just out to the store for a few minutes, do you want to come in a wait?”

Brenda almost said no, but Cheryl hadn’t answer her messages and she was a little concerned.

“Ya, ok, if she’s going to back soon.”

“Oh yea, real soon.  Come on in.”

Donnie showed them to the living room and they both took a seat in separate chairs.

“You ladies look parched, can I get you something to drink?”

“Sure, water for me.”

“Same for me.”

Donnie walked to the kitchen and a few minutes later returned with two glasses of water.

“Here you go.”

“Thanks.”  They said almost in unison.  Each took a sip from the glass and then a second.

Donnie watched Brenda and Kim drink the water down, quickly getting to the bottom of the glasses.

He’d been a little surprised when he opened the door, but in a good way, the two ladies were friends of his step-sister and were both on the college track team. 

Of course his step-sister wasn’t coming back any time soon, she was happily hanging on the arm of an aging business man that had paid a nice sum for the hookup.

He looked back at Brenda and Kim just as they finished the water, they both had lean bodies from the running and didn’t have much in the way of curves so he’d spiked the glasses with three pills each.

As they set the glasses down beside them he watch as the pills kicked it.  Both gasped at almost the same time and fell back in to their chairs as their bodies started to change.

The most obvious change for both were their breasts, at first their growth was slow, but then it picked up steam as they inflated and stretched the t-shirts each had worn to go jogging.

When they finally stopped, Donnie had missed the other changes.  Brenda’s hair and grown out and her features had softened quite a bit.

Kim had similarly changed, her previously subtle asian features were now more obvious as well.

Donni walked over to Brenda as the pill started to burn it’s way through her mind, he knew he’d have to work fast to get both of them in the right mood for what he had in mind.

Bree and Kimmie sat on Donnie’s bed, Bree had her hand on Kimmie’s thigh and felt a little tingle in her pussy from the contact.

Kimmie for her part had pushed her right tit in to Bree’s left tit and her pussy was tingling as well.

Donnie had been so right when he told them how much they loved each others touch, how as team mates they worked best when the worked together.

Of course he’d also told them all about the new team they were on, team bimbo.

They both looked up at the doorway as Donnie walked in, they’d been so happy when he’d agreed to be the coach for their team!