Lucy scrolled through the options on the controller, the latex gloves making more difficult.  She really should have left the nanosuit with it’s default settings but when she’d seen the option for the gloves and low cut top she’d selected it without thinking.

Tonight was going to be a special night with Mike and she wanted to try something a little different and had picked up a nanosuit on the way home from work along with a “weekend pass” that let her make as many change as she wanted for 48 hours.

Sitting on the side of the bed she flicked through the options when the controller slipped through her fingers and hit the carpet and beeped.

“Darn it!” she exclaimed as she started to get up.  Apparently though as the controller hit the floor it selected the current option and Lucy watched her latex clad feet suddenly start to change.  Her toes were forced down in to a point as the ballet heels formed around them.

She tried to stand up but lost her balanced and fell towards the controller.  She twisted around trying to miss it and landed on her ass just on top of it.  Another beep emanated from it.

Lucy felt her waist contract as the nanosuit squeezed her tightly, she squirmed under the feeling and another beep came from the controller as she tried to reach it.

Several more beeps came as her ass rocked on and off of the controller and Lucy felt a wave of pleasure roll over her as her body started to change.

Her normally pale white skin darkened and the fine hair all over her body disappeared.  Her brown hair darkened to jet black and her features changed to an asian form.

When the pleasure finally subsided she took a moment to lay still and collect herself and then reached for the controller.

She was surprised to find her hand didn’t move.

Concern started to come over her as she found she couldn’t move at all.  She knew better than to panic, Mike would be home in an hour or so and he’d undo whatever options she’d accidentally selected.

Mike walked in to the house and tossed his knapsack on the chair, it had been a long week and he was looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend with Lucy.

The house was quite and when he walked in to the kitchen there was no dinner in oven which was strange as Fridays were Lucy’s night to cook.

We walked up to the bedroom to change and noticed the black hair on the floor by the window.  He walked over and say Lucy looking up at him.  Or at least he assumed it was Lucy, she was wearing a nanosuit and she didn’t look at all like his wife.

He looked around for the controller and eventually noticed it sticking slightly out from below her.

He pulled it out and looked at the display, the last option selected was “Love Doll:  Experience total immobilization while your partner get’s to do all the work!”

Mike smiled, it was an unexpected surprise, Lucy had never talked about anything like this but he was open to give it a try.

He picked her up and laid her on the bed, he pushed her legs apart and moved her arms around so her hands where under her head.  He ran his hands down the latex of the suit, finding her pussy with one hand while kissing her on the lips.

Yes, Mike thought, he could definitely give this a try.