Mandy looked out over the court yard, across to Andy’s condo, she needed him so badly.

No, that wasn’t right, she hated him!  She turned the volume up on the headphones and tried to drive the thought from her mind.

She went back to the window again not caring she was half naked.  Andy was too old for her and out of shape and his cock was too small.  She was sure if she took it down her throat she wouldn’t even gag, but that was ok, she was also sure she’d be able to get all the way down to the base of it and maybe even lick his balls at the same time.

No, no, no, no!  Out damn it!

Andy was a creep!  He’d actually dared to put his hand on her ass the other day at the mail drop!  Her hands moved down her body on to her ass as she remembered the feeling.  She leaned in to the window, pushing her tits flat against it as she squeezed her own ass.

Andy had such a strong grip when he had done it, she was sure he’d take a firm hand with her as he fucked her from behind.  Lost in the moment she pushed her lips to the glass and licked it with her tongue before sliding down on to the carpet.

Andy watched Mandy’s apartment window on his laptop, the camera and subsonic cannon were mounted on his balcony behind a small plant.

He’d been sending the subliminal messages across to her apartment with it for the last several weeks, using the glass in her windows to create an undetectable and unstoppable message, “You are Andy’s fuck toy.”

He watched her leaning against the window, kneeling down on the carpet and masturbating for several minutes before he stood up to take a stroll to the other side of the complex.